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How do I care for my jewellery piece?

All jewellery needs to be treated lovingly to keep it in good condition.  It is not uncommon for silver and gold jewellery to scratch, dent, bend out of shape, or even break through completely, if it is treated harshly.  It is not indestructible! 

Whilst most silver and gold jewellery can be worn as everyday pieces, it is not recommended that you wear any jewellery doing any of the following tasks, or other similar that are not listed:

·      Bathing, showering, swimming, spas, sauna etc – the soaps and chemicals can react to the metal surfaces, leaving them dull, discoloured, or slightly etched.

·      Heavy action activities such as gym, exercise, gardening, washing dishes etc. 

·      Whilst using any kinds of chemicals/cleaning agents

Gold and silver jewellery can be cleaned of built up grime (especially behind gemstones) with an old soft toothbrush and some warm mild soapy water.  Do not use any forms of metal cleaners such as brasso or silverware creams/foams.

For oxidised silver it is best not to use any abrasives or soaps as this can remove the oxidised surface.  It is natural for the oxidisation to wear off over time with wear, especially on raised edges and surfaces.  It can be reapplied, in most cases, by Susan or some other manufacturing jewellers.

Sterling silver with a bright finish will naturally darken and oxidise over time, it can be polished up with a silver jewellery cleaning cloth, or professionally polished by Susan or some other manufacturing jewellers.

Please feel free to contact Susan for any cleaning and care advice particular to the item.

How do I measure my ring size?

The ring sizes used in Australia are the same as the ones used in the UK and Ireland. This ring sizing system is alphabetically based started with size A and ending in size Z+. The ring sizing will include half sizes which are denoted as size A½. For women the most common ring size in Australia is an N or O. For men it is a T or U. These are the equivalent of a US 7 for women and a US 10 for men.

Measuring your ring size
Susan would recommend that the most accurate way to know your ring size is to get it measured by a jeweller – however please note that you may be required to pay them a small service fee, or to otherwise offer to pay them as they are doing you a small service. 

However if you can’t get to a jeweller, here are two other methods.  If you already have a ring which fits comfortably on the desired finger it is recommended that you use this for your measurement. You need to measure the internal diameter of the ring in millimetres or inches. You should then compare it to a size chart to find the corresponding ring size.
Of course, if you do not have a ring there is a measurement method to help you. You will need to measure the circumference of the finger your ring will be placed on. To do this you require a piece of semi-stiff card or a flexible measuring tape similar to the width of the ring you are wanting purchase. You must then measure the finger the ring will go on. These measurements can be compared to a sizing chart to find the ring size you need. After you have measured the length then tape it together and put it on your finger just like a real ring. Make it tight but be sure not to push or squeeze it because you won’t be able to do that with a real ring.  Make sure it fits over the knuckle.

Tips for measuring your ring size
When you are measuring your ring size there are certain things to keep in mind. The first is how snugly the ring should fit the finger. The measurement you take should be comfortable around the finger, tightest around the knuckle when it passes over, but not loose enough that the ring will fall off.

The time of day when you measure your finger should be noted. The size of the finger will change during the day depending on the time and the weather. It is recommended that you measure your finger at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm. Fingers are at their smallest when they are cold. You should also complete the measurement a few times to eliminate incorrect readings.

The type of ring you are getting will also affect the size needed. If the ring is very wide you will need to adjust the size you purchase. When buying these wide rings (8mm wide or over) it is best to purchase a half size to one full size larger than you would normally get to increase the comfort of the ring.

Please note: Measuring your own ring size will never be as accurate as going to a jeweller for a professional fitting. By following the above guide and information you will get a fairly accurate ring size, there may be a slight variant due to the size of the nib on your pen, (if you are using a thick nib - 1mm pen mark this can add 1/2 to a full ring size up) so try to make the smallest mark possible. By using this guide you are agreeing to these conditions and the risk of inaccuracy.

What happens if I measure my ring size wrong and I need a resize?

Rings purchased on the store can be resized.  However, the onus is on you, the customer, to correctly measure your ring size, or to contact Susan before or at the time of purchase if you are unsure at all and require some assistance.  If you proceed with the order and it does not fit, Susan will be more than happy to resize it for you, however there will be a small fee, plus shipping.  Fees will depend on the metal and how many sizes so please get in touch with Susan if this happens or if you have any concerns. 

What happens if I lose an earring or need a repair?

Sometimes these things happen, and they have happened to the best of us!  Susan is happy to quote to replace an earring or repair a damaged item, please get in touch with her via email.

What happens if I change my mind after I have tried the piece on?

Susan is happy to offer refund or exchange in the circumstance of a change of mind.  Please see the full terms listed under Shipping & Returns.

Where is your jewellery made and under what conditions?

All of Susan Ewington’s pieces are completely hand made and designed by her in her private studio workshop in the beautiful surrounds of Noosa Queensland, Australia.  Susan is committed to the integrity and quality standards of every part of her practice, including fair trade and sustainable practices wherever possible.  If you have any specific questions about any part of Susan’s methods or practice, please feel free to contact her.

I want to purchase an item that says it is ‘out of stock’ or ‘made to order’.

Some items on the shop are 'MADE TO ORDER' because they are high value or have just sold recently and haven’t yet been replenished, which means that by purchasing them, Susan will make them up for you within a 2 week time frame* (for items with gemstones, please allow 4 weeks) and have them shipped as soon as they are ready.  Susan will be in contact with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive your goods without any worries.

*This is an estimated time frame and is subject to availability of materials and other extending circumstances.  Please feel free to email Susan with any questions or inquiries and she will strive to help out with anything she can!  

Can I commission you to make something unique for me?

Absolutely!  Susan has had years of experience in working one on one with a client to help them realise their jewellery wearing dream.  If you are Noosa/Sunshine Coast/Brisbane based then you can arrange to meet with Susan at her Noosa studio to discuss a commissioned piece.  All initial consultation and quotes are no obligation.  If you are not in Noosa, it is still possible to consult with Susan, so please get in touch via email and Susan can explain how a long distance commission will work. You can also read more about the custom made process in this blog post.

Can you make it like this other designer’s piece?

Susan is happy to take inspiration or elements from another piece that you love and execute them into a new piece using her own unique interpretation.  Susan will absolutely not copy another designer’s work one-for-one as it is a breach of copyright and intellectual property. 

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Don’t be shy!  Please email Susan with absolutely any queries you may have, and she will get back to you as promptly as possible.