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Two fabulous interviews! Read about it!

Susan Ewington JewelleryComment

I was so fortunate to sit down and and take part in two fabulous interviews recently.

People love asking questions, and I LOVE answering them! Win-win situation.

For the personal touch, and a little bit about my journey as a maker so far, check out this one via Indigo Bay Gifting, as part of their ‘Inspiring Women’ series, which highlights some insights into my business and practice, and a few quirky tidbits for fun.

And the next one was part of an incredible FREE wedding magazine, ‘For Like, Ever’, where I delved into everything you need to know about having your wedding rings custom made. It’s part of the second edition of this free magazine brought to you by Heart of Juno Designs, and is packed to the brim with awesome wedding info and insights. So for the about-to-be-wed, this is an absolute must!

Hit the link below and turn to page 24 for the interview.