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SEJ HQ : Susan's Brand New Location!

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Here’s your first glimpse into my sparkly new space!

In May this year SEJ HQ was heaved and hoisted from the “temporary” home shed (since relocating from Melbourne to Noosa 3 years ago) into a beautiful new location in the leafy and vibrant industrial estate in Noosaville.

Checkout some of my amateur snapshots to get the lowdown on the space …

Susan ewington jewellery noosa.jpg
Susan ewington jewellery noosa.jpg
Susan ewington jewellery noosa.jpg
Susan Ewington Jewellery.jpg

That consultation area has some pretty retro furniture you say?

Ah yes, let me introduce you to ‘The Sinner’s Chairs’. Come again? Yep, these luxurious chocolatey-maroon velour chairs were gifted to me by a family member who salvaged them from, wait for it, the confessional booth of a suburban Brisbane Catholic church. They are extremely comfortable, and even better, there is absolutely no need to tell me your deepest darkest secrets while you sit in them, I have enough jewellery secrets to look after already!

The gorgeous round wooden table was hand made by my great grandfather, so that’s just super special too.

I’ll keep you posted on the custom display stands I am currently having made to finish off this eclectic space.

Meet some of the neighbours

Thomas Surfboards The iconic Noosa based surfboard shaper Thomas Bexon, world renowned for his longboards, has an incredible multi use space where the famous boards are shaped while you watch, including a cutting edge gallery and co-working space. Not only that, Thomas’ wife Kim is a skilled maker herself, with stunning handmade footwear under the label Woven Palm.

Captain Sip Sops Barber Shop & Outfitters Located within the Thomas Surfboards building, here you can grab a mens cut in true barber shop style, have a tasty Allpress coffee, or a Thomas Sufboards X Land & Sea brewery beer, or even a local Noosa kombucha on tap! They also have some rather tasteful mens and womens apparel, and a breezy courtyard with a ping pong table, no less.

Noosa Chocolate Factory The place where the magic happens, this chocolate is the absolute real deal. They open their “cellar door” to the factory on Saturday’s from 10-2.

Rick’s Artisan Pies & Sourdough OMG. This bakery is unbelievable. Arguably the best of the best. Nothing else needed. Gluten free and/or sugar free, sorry, this one’s definitely not for you.

Land & Sea Brewery Noosa’s original craft brewery. Have a beer, have a feed, watch a surfing vid, good times.

Get in touch if you’d love to come and see the space in person, I have lots of teas and Turkish glasses for water, so you know, it’s a bit fancy. And definitely less spiders than my last space!

Susan Ewington Jewellery is open by appointment at:

3/11 Project Ave, Noosaville, QLD, 4565