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I’ve written about this before, but I felt like it was definitely time for a re-hash. This is something I assume most people who are wanting to get in touch with me are wishing to know more about. So, without further ado, here is a little insight into the process of having something custom made.

  • Don’t be shy, get in touch! Either through the website Contact page, or via email or phone is best, as sometimes things like FaceBook Messenger or Instagram DM’s can go unnoticed for a few days.

  • Have an idea? Great! Don’t have an idea? No dramas! All it takes is a few emails or discussions to get the designs and ideas flowing, I promise I make it easy for you. Plus, I have loads of images and visual cues to help you imagine it, even if you’ve never been one of those ‘visual’ people. Seriously, I probably spend more time on sketches and emails and explaining things so it’s not too obscure, than I’d care to admit. But that’s my job, and often more design ideas are born out of these engagements so it’s kind of in my best interests to be challenged to design in this way.

an example of hand sketched designs, with colour applied.

an example of hand sketched designs, with colour applied.

  • Want to see before you commit? Well I can’t magically make the piece appear if it’s a bespoke custom design, but I can get the stones (if applicable) on hand for you to check out and select from before you purchase them. How does that work when you are in a different location you might ask? Well, I am pretty snazzy at sending through videos & images taken under different lighting conditions, drawing to scale, and even photoshopping the stones directly onto the sketch. I also have access to some of the best stone cutters in Australia, who can source some of the finest gem material we have both here in Australia and overseas. If ethically sourced is important to you, I am able to work through the options with you to the best knowledge available to me.

photoshopped sketch with chosen sapphires

photoshopped sketch with chosen sapphires

  • Have a budget in mind? Tell me, we can usually work with that. Don’t be hesitant, everyone has an idea of what they can afford. I’ve worked with many different budgets, and we can almost always work out the best possible method to achieve what it is that you might want. Bear in mind that hand crafted might not get you the “biggest” but it will get you the “best” when it comes to quality and longevity. Don’t even know where to start with what to spend? By all means take some time looking around what’s on offer price wise to help get your head around it. But don’t get overwhelmed by the options and extreme differences. Get a budget, and stick to it. I’ll talk you through the rest.

  • When do I pay? Designing, quoting and estimates is usually free of charge. With the exception of having gemstones custom cut, or ordered on loan to have a look at and then deciding to pass on it, there are no upfront fees for simply getting some ideas and estimates down on paper. The first payment is made when both the design and quote has been confirmed, or stones have been officially selected and ordered, and then the final balance is payable upon completion of the piece. It is almost always a 50% deposit and then a 50% balance.

  • How long is this going to take? Let’s face it, it ain’t no “I’ll just whip it up” kind of scenario. A hand crafted piece is exactly that, hand crafted with my own two hands. Sometimes it might be around 4 weeks, sometimes 6-8 weeks if a lot of designing or custom cut stones are required. But put it this way, don’t leave it until the last minute. No one likes a stressy jeweller 💁🏼‍♀️

custom made rings

custom made rings

For what it’s worth …

A custom made piece of jewellery is an experience. Oftentimes, you invest your ideas, sentimentality, and personal style into something that could become your most cherished and significant possession. It might be a bit scary to go through with, it might feel a bit risky even, but I promise that it’s worth it. And I’ll make you feel as comfy as I can through the whole thing.

Have more questions?

Check out the FAQ’s on my website or better still, get in touch!