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welcome 2018

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Ahh the New Year feels, the freshness, the optimism, the planning.  There are many small plans ahead this year as I continue to balance work and growing my small business along side my small growing family.  The challenges will be real that's for sure.  But they will be rewarding I hope. 

Here's a few pieces I finished just before the end of 2017 that I couldn't show you until now.  

A pair of incredible wedding rings for some seriously creative people.  Modern medieval inspired toi et moi meets custom cut Australian Parti Sapphire beauty...

toietmoi parti sapphire wedding rings
toietmoi sapphire signet ring 5.jpg
toietmoi sapphire signet ring .jpg
ouroboros sapphire signet ring3.jpg
toietmoi pear sapphire ring 3.jpg
toietmoi pear sapphire ring 4.jpg

Then a super stunning custom cut Australian purple zircon freeform set into 18ct yellow gold.  This is the first time I've done one of these freeform rings with a half round profile band - and boy oh boy were the results amazing!  The soft pastel tone and the rounded ring soften the whole look of this design.  This certainly won't be the last one of these I'll be making.

australian zircon gold ring 2.jpg
australian zircon gold ring 5.jpg
australian zircon gold ring 1.jpg