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Well as the topical subject of marriage equality is again at the forefront of Australian news (this is really getting embarrassing now) freedom, freedom of choice, and just plain old human rights should be the obvious factor here; but no, we have a government which is hindering and holding back the rights of many beautiful people who just simply want to tie the knot and continue on their paths and daily activities just like the rest of "us".  

This whole pickle got me thinking about all the freeform cut gemstones I've had the pleasure of making into rings over the years, for many an occasion, but often for marriage.  

I ended up collaging 9 of them (trust me it was hard to choose) and just wanted to share the beautiful *rainbow* effect here in case you missed it on social.

freeform engagement wedding rings sapphire australia

There are two more gorgeous stones lined up to become rings, one is a stunningly large ombre effect Australian blue sapphire, and one is an electric pink ruby.

australian sapphire ruby gemstones

There is also this incredible Australian green sapphire which is waiting for its forever home, it could be yours!  

green sapphire .JPG