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heirloom diamonds

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A special commission that was recently finished incorporated the use of some heirloom diamonds that had been reworked in various engagement rings through 3 generations.  There's just nothing to compare with the old cut diamonds, their brilliance and sparkle is in my opinion far more interesting than the standard modern brilliant cuts we see today.  There is something to be said about the "not quite perfect" faceting on an old cut gemstone, which gives the truly hand worked touch to something which is now, in the case of diamonds, all cut by laser and calibrated by a computer. 

I reused the heirloom diamonds in combination with an Australian Argyle champagne diamond in the customer's new engagement ring.  Then the white gold that was from the ring handed down was completely used up to make the wedding band and a sweet little fine stacking band.  The wedding band featured two soft twists and a scatter of 3 Argyle champagne diamonds, and the stacking ring held two little granules, completely using up all the scrap of the existing recycled ring.