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Your wedding.  In most cases, you will spend a great deal of effort and time planning your special day.  There is just so much to think about! 

Now I've only had one wedding of my own, but I do get to spend a great deal of time talking with other couples about theirs, so I'd like to think I have some helpful tips to put forward on occasion.

Ponder this then; what is the one thing that is left behind after the big day itself, apart from your renewed sense of love for your partner of course... the rings.

Your wedding rings are the one tangible object that in the majority of cases you have with you day in and day out for the rest of your lives together.  So don't you think that they ought to be pretty special?  Oftentimes I hear about how couples have spent so much time invested in the planning of the big event, and the rings are almost an afterthought.  What a shame to have run out of time to have something truly amazing hand crafted, only to be rushed at the end having to buy a more generic wedding ring off the shelf from a chain store or the like. 

Now I'm pretty lucky though I have to say, that the lovely couples I work with come to me to have something very special made, and appreciate the importance of having their rings hand made just for them.  Here a just a few of the wedding rings I've had the pleasure of making, each suited to the personalities of their owners, and made to last a lifetime.