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an epic ring

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Ok friends, this is probably one of the most epic rings I've made to date.  This piece was born out of a few key elements - it was to be designed for a dear friend of mine as a surprise engagement ring.  Knowing her so well, I was pretty confident that it had to be bold, rich in colour, completely and utterly unique, and in general have lots going on.  Only she could pull off wearing this miniature sculpture on her hand.

So off to the sketchbook I went, and working closely with my main gem man Paul Fenselau, together he and I came up with this incredible selection of Australian green, teal & parti sapphires to combine into the spread that you see in the finished piece.  With the addition of some champagne diamonds to tie in that cool/warm contrast, and hand constructed in entirely 18ct yellow gold, the final piece developed along the lines of my initial sketch but also in a somewhat organic make-it-up-as-you-go-along fashion.  Pretty much my ideal way to work.

What a pleasure it is to create these treasures.