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Every now and then I get to make a piece which assures me that I'm in the right occupation.  It's a comforting feeling.

This engagement ring was one of these pieces. 

The customer wanted to surprise his fiance-to-be with a handmade ring for the proposal - a rarer thing these days, with most couples deciding to design the ring together.  He had a pretty good idea of the type of ring she'd like, so the brief was fairly specific; green stone & white metal, minimal & simple, architectural edge, timeless & comfortable.  Now anyone who knows jewellery designing/making well, would know that incorporating all of these elements into one teeny tiny scale is no mean feat.  Lest, I came up with a myriad of designs, I was actually surprised at how a deadline can force designs out of you without too much procrastination.

We had a few green sapphires to choose from, but in a twist of fate, when the customer asked his parents-in-law-to-be for their daughter's hand in marriage, they produced this incredible Australian green sapphire they had been holding onto for their daughter for a special piece of jewellery.  So what better occasion than a handmade engagement ring?!

As all the elements came together, this gorgeous ring was born, and she said yes!  And the guess in size also turned out to be perfect - what a fluke!