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Two recent rings I have finished have been very similar in design.  Both of them are quite figurative, a design aesthetic which is rare for me.  However, they have both been extremely enjoyable to make as it is a looser form of construction, uninhibited by the usual constraints that come with engagement & wedding ring territory.  I suppose this process works in well with the natural, botanical theme.

This prickly pear ring was made using the customer's stone from another ring.  It is based on my own prickly pear range, some of which are pictured below.  It seems to be an ever popular ongoing design, and of course no two are the same.



The second botanical ring was this gorgeous lily pad design, with star set rubies.  It turned out so sculptural, from every angle it appeared different.  Definitely a theme I'd like to explore a little further if I get the opportunity. 

lilypad ruby ring 4.jpg