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ribbon torque bangle

Susan EwingtonComment

I've lost count of how many of these bangles I've made since developing the process in 2007, they just never seem to go out of fashion. But if I had dollar for every time I've been asked how they're made...

Well, here's a snippet of some of the stages the silver goes through to end up as the super strong forged bangle that it becomes.

Here the silver strip is twisted to form an old school straw shape.

The "straw" is annealed with flame and forged over with a cross peen hammer. This is a repeated process. Then the "straw" is untwisted to reveal the form.

The strip is then measured and rounded up to form the bangle. The ends are riveted in place with three strong silver rivets, each one hammered into place over my trusty cobbler's shoe anvil. Then all cleaned up and polished and voilá!